A home where joy and peace of mind prosper

Who We Are

LuAnn Medical Adult Day Care is a fully licensed facility offering a large variety of health services to its members, daily social interaction, activities, events, and more. We provide two healthy meals, breakfast, lunch, and transportation. We offer essential services and programs that improve lives and strengthen communities. We are committed to offering care, support, and opportunities that make a positive difference for our residents and their families.

Our Mission Statement

As we come together to celebrate our center, friendships, community, and life, we are reminded of the power of standing strong. Through this dedication, may we grow in strength and abundance through our efforts and mission to support and care for those in need. Today, we dedicate our commitment, marked as a symbol of strength, growth, and prosperity, that will protect our staff and the people in our community.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the trusted and first-choice adult day care committed to driving positive change in the community we serve through our comprehensive services and programs. We aim to create a safe and nurturing space where everyone enjoys their stay while maintaining their health and independence.

Talk to Us
Please contact our staff to answer any questions you may have.