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LuAnn’s Medical Adult Day Care Center creates a vibrant and social community for your loved ones to enjoy their day while receiving the medical care and support they need on a daily basis. Our care is provided by highly experienced staff that will handle your loved one’s complex health-related needs. Our personal goal is to provide our members with a safe and comfortable environment that is warm and welcoming. While we pride ourselves on the quality of care they receive daily. We instill a methodology that goes far beyond a client’s physical care but encompasses emotional and spiritual support while sharing in the richness of their personal life as well as their social life.

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and quality medical care while simultaneously honoring the participant’s dignity and self-worth through physical, emotional, and spiritual interaction.

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LuAnn Medical Adult Day Care offers services that value the physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being of your loved ones. We make sure they enjoy their stay in our adult daycare facility.

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Remote Patient Monitoring (Tele-Health)

Accessible care services at your convenience.

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Care Management

Coordinate all aspects of care to ensure well-being.

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Family Engagement

Empowering families in the journey of care

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

As we come together to celebrate our center, friendships, community, and life, we are reminded of the power of standing strong. Through this dedication, may we grow in strength and abundance through our efforts and mission to support and care for those in need. Today, we dedicate our commitment, marked as a symbol of strength, growth, and prosperity, that will protect our staff and the people in our community.

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